venerdì 22 aprile 2011

Pasqua 2011

I wonder why the first tought for Holydays goes to food. Maybe because food puts togheter families in a easy way, even if sometimes food can divide.

My mother comes from Perugia (Umbria) so I've made some traditional Easter food from Umbria.

Easter cake for dollhouse

A ring shaped cake called "Ciaramicola". This cake has a heart of soft sponge-cake with Alchermes (a sweet deep pink liqueur) and a coat of meringue with tiny sweet confentioneries in five different colors: red, white, yellow, green and azure.

Red and white are the colors of Perugia. Yellow is the color of the cornfields, green is the colors of the meadows and azure is the color of the Trasimeno lake.

Easter food for dollhouse

A salty cake, a sort of cheese bread. This cake is often served with a salted and smoked pork meat taken form the neck called "Capocollo".

I know some of my followers are Veg*, I hope one day traditional Easter food will be meat-free!

Easter eggs for dollhouse

Eggs! Why eggs? Eggs are symbol of birth and Easter is the day of rebirth. It is Springtime and Spring is the season of birth and life. So eggs!
Easter sweet for dollhouse

I wish you a Happy Easter and better, a Happy Rebirth-day ;)

Happy Easter

giovedì 21 aprile 2011

I say woof!

Collage Etsy Italia Team

1. Scotty dog striped red and orange - Fattidame 
2. The boss - Trotalo
3. Sir Thomas Portrait - Valeriatelier
4. The small giant - Cartaforbicesasso

mercoledì 20 aprile 2011

Ode to the violet

The shy violet, a little, poetic flower, the queen of modesty, with its deep purple and velvety petals. I think that the XIX century was the perfect time for this flower, the romantic era, now dead to the modern way of life. I dont' like Romanticism so much, but for violet I may love it :)

Violet in my garden
A violet in my garden

Violet inspired me a workshop for the fourth edition of Miniaturitalia (the only Italian fair of dollhouse miniatures) on February 2008. I realized a romantic, shabby chic ensemble, picture below:

Violet set for dollhouse class Miniaturitalia 2008

Every year, in springtime, pillows of violets bloom in my garden, hidden to a careless eye. It is a promise of joy, the hope Spring comes again. The mistery of birth-death-rebirth.
Violets in miniature for dollhouse
Violet is also the color of the spirit. It comes from blue and red mixed togheter, blue is the color of quietness, red is the color of passion, so I can say that violet is the color of armony.

Violets in miniature for dollhouse
This basket is now with one of the OOAK Celidonia's dolls

Do you know the Acatholic Cemetery of Rome? Well, in this ancient cemetery there is a tombstone in the middle of a meadow, with pillows of violets at its feet. Here lies John Keats, an English poet. On the tombstone an epigraph:
"Here lies One / Whose name Was writ in Water"

John Keats in Rome

But the violet is only a little flower.

Violets in miniature for dollhouse

giovedì 14 aprile 2011

A game of dragons

Last week I've finished the fantasy pc game Dragon Age II. I love this title, really Dragon Age Origins and Dragon age II are two wonderful games. It seems to read a book, a high quality book, the relationship between characters are so strong and stories are rich and well constructed and now I'm wainting for the third chapter of the saga!
Dragon Age and the beautiful Christi Friesen's little book "Dragons" have inspired me to create some dragon pendants.

Dragon pendant in polymer clay

The first is more a sea-snake than a dragon, I know, but it has a funny face :) In the centre there is a pale pink glass cabochon, the next will have a light blue one.
The eyes are two polymer clay balls coloured with a little amount of mica powder.

Dragon pendant in polymer clay

On the black throne you can see the real color of the glass.
Dragon pendant in polymer clay
The second is a real dragon... well, not a classic one, maybe a chinese dragon, but this time it seems more serious and evil :)
In the centre there is a deep red glass cabochon.
The eyes are two deep orange glass beads.

Dragon pendant in polymer clay

On the black throne you can see the real color of the glass.

I'm so excited for these new pendants! I'd like to create a lot of them, a fleet! :D
News in the next days ;)

lunedì 11 aprile 2011

Funny bugs

Spring is here and the first insects begin to fly in the garden.

Hyacinths in my garden
A bee on a wild hyacinth in my garden
Usually there are bees, wasps, bumblebees (both black and black-yellow striped), butterflies, orange ladybugs, beetles and sometimes fireflies, in summertime, and praying mantises.
This give me the inspiration to make three funny insects.

Bugs in polymer clay
A ladybug on a four-leaf clover. I made the first one on August 2008, when ladybug on a leaf was not a common theme.
Ladybug in polymer clay

A bumblebee on a white flower.
Bee in polymer clay

A firelfy on two pebbles and a leaf. The abdomen glows in the night, like the one of a real firefly :)

Firefly in polymer clay

Ideas for the next ones? ;)

domenica 10 aprile 2011

A shabby chic background

Some months ago I found a cute metal bowl in shabby chic style and I fell in love with it! What can I do with this lovely thing?

Shabby chic can with rosemary

The bright and pale colors, the shabby look are the perfect as a background for the photos of my shabby chic miniatures! :D
Here you are the photos.

Lavender beauty basket for dollhouse
Lavender beauty basket in 1/12 scale

Violet beauty basket for dollhouse
Beauty violet basket in 1/12 scale

Lovely, aren't they? :)