giovedì 28 luglio 2011

Black Wonderland

Collage Etsy Italia Team

1. Ace Card Poker Set - Venetianartiquity
2. Alice in Wonderland Coin Purse - Retrospettive
3. Into the vortex - Lazyfish
4. Perdiction - Juliacalimera

Sometimes also the Wonderland seems so dark...

venerdì 15 luglio 2011

Now you are my guest - Bijouxdellostregatto

From now a new section to host artists I know, great artists for me :)

Romantic creations, delicate as the petals of a rose, fresh as the dew on the flowers in a sunny, sweet morning.
This is the spirit of Bijouxdellostregatto, a beautiful shop on Etsy and a collection of curated, lovely items.

Bijouxdellostregatto's earrings

Jewelry, elegant bookmarks, cell-phone pouches presented in soft light pictures.
Pink, light blue, nautical themes seems to be the favourites of this artist.
A year ago I bought from her a wonderful necklace for my mom, this one:

Bijouxdellostregatto's necklace

I have to say that this necklace in person is better than in photo and soft to the touch, amazing! :)
Priscilla, the person behind the brand Bijouxdellostregatto, is a very sweet, beautiful woman, very kind and elegant. I've never known a person so quiet and sweet :)

Bijouxdellostregatto's pendant

Take a peek in her sho
and in her facebook page

Today is her birthday, best wishes Priscilla :D

martedì 12 luglio 2011

Sea magnet

Sea magnet

You need
4 flat wooden sticks
1 little wooden peg
some nautical items (anchor, pebbels, shells, faux starfish)
paper sheets
blue and white acrylic paint
white 3D liner
glue for wood

Cut from the flat wooden sticks four pieces: 2.8 in high, 0.7in wide, 0.1 in depth.

Sea magnet tutorial
Sand the flat wooden sticks and paint them with the white acrylic paint on both sides.

Sea magnet tutorial

Prepare three shades of blue adding a growing amount of blue acrylic paint in the white one. Paint one of the stick in white and three sticks with the other shades of blue (see the picture).
Glue the four pieces of wood.Now you have a 2.8 in square.

Sea magnet tutorial

Glue a magnet, or four littel magnets, on the back side.
Sea magnet tutorial

Glue the little wooden peg on the front of the square and also the nautical items and the cord, as you prefer.
Write the word "Sea" with the 3D liner.

Sea magnet tutorial

You can put in the peg some paper sheets or a little photo.

Sea magnet tutorial

Happy Holydays! :)

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