martedì 22 luglio 2014

Angel of Grief

Angel of Grief picture
Angel of Grief

A beautiful angel lays on a tomb, grieved deeply for a loss. This statue is very famous. The original is in the Acatholic Cemetery inRome, where I took the photo.
There are copies of this statue in the USA, some music bands ahve the picture of this statue on the cover of their albums, as Nightwish'sOnce.

Angel of Grief picture
Angel of Grief

To stand in front of the authentic Angel of Grief is a great experience. Among the tombs, in Spring and Summertime, there are a lot of Hydrangeas, so beautiful.

Hydrangea picture

The tomb and the silence of the old Cemetery reminded me the Latin motto "Sic transit gloria mundi". It is for "Thus passes the glory of the world", a motto to remember mortality and the passing nature of earthly glories.

Angel of grief magnet
Angel of Grief magnet

sabato 5 luglio 2014

Colouring polymer clay

Yesterday I've seen a wonderful video about the creation of an apple in polymer clay, so I've done some experiments with different kind of powders on rough polymer clay.

I've used powder from low cost and high cost chalks, expired eye shadows and pearl ex.
Colours are red and green, polymer clay is white for the first four couples and black for the last one.

Colouring polymer clay

The main tool is... my finger :) for a cleaner work you can use a soft brush or a little sponge.

Colouring polymer clay tools

Here I've used low cost chalks, the powder is not so soft and the colour on the clay is very light.

Colouring polymer clay low cost chalks
Low cost chalks

These are high cost chalks, for artists, the powder is fine and on the clay the colour is rich and velvety. I think these are very natural and great for miniature food.

Colouring polymer clay chalks for artists
Chalks for artists
Colouring polymer clay brioches in miniature
Brioches in miniature

These are eye shadows, the effect is light but a little shining. I think they are great to have a watercolour effect.

Colouring polymer clay eye shadows
Eye shadows
Colouring polymer clay watercolour effect
Buttons with watercolour effect

Here we have the pearl ex with their metallic and shining effect, mainly on the black clay. The colour often change when applied on the clay.

Colouring polymer clay pearl ex
Pearl ex
Colouring polymer clay pearl ex
Fall leaves

Here the colours after baking. If you have to colour jewerly it is better to protect the item with transparent varnish.

Colouring polymer clay

A little strange experiment in the picture below, I've used a spice, maybe turmeric, on white clay :)

Colouring polymer clay spice

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